Aloe Vera Collagen Anti-aging Face Mask

Aloe Vera Collagen Anti-aging Face Mask


How to use:

Usually woven mask deposited 10 to 15 minutes, the specific surface time can be determined according to the description of the mask. Need to pay attention to is the mask is not deposited time the longer the better, if you find the mask specifications stipulated time, but mask is still wet nor need to continue to apply, because the effective components of the mask has been fully absorbed by your skin, and then deposited will not increase the effect. Intensive efficacy of the mask according to the instructions in the use of course of treatment, do not increase the number of dressing on their own.

Will be woven mask, you can use the face retained by the nutritional ingredients with massage, so that the effectiveness of the mask to double. Hands and fingers in accordance with the "from the center to the periphery", "from down to up" in the order along the muscle texture massage, this route is the lymphatic circulation lines, can be detoxification and compact skin.

Mask has excellent maintenance effect, the most important is also the "wrapped" effect of the mask, so that the skin completely isolated from the air, so that the skin fully absorb nutrients. Therefore, when the deposited mask is best to be able to lay down, so that the weight of the mask to fully pressed on the face, to help mask the "Cover" effect.

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