TEEN FASHION EvenSkyn® Pulsar: At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

TEEN FASHION EvenSkyn® Pulsar: At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Teen Fashion Pulsar IPL laser hair removal painlessly removes and prevents hair regrowth. It saves you expensive and time-consuming trips to laser hair removal cosmetic clinics! 

The revolutionary Pulsar handset incorporates the latest Intense Pulsed Light technology, applying hair removal and skin rejuvenation modes.



  • 8 intensity levels 
  • Automatic/Manual modes
  • Available in Pink, Black & White
  • Quartz Tube offers 10+ years usage
  • No pain or sensitivity, just a warm sensation.
  • Safety Certifications:
  • FDA, Health Canada, CE, EMC, RoHS, CQC, PES compliant.
  • Intensity Range: 
  • 7.82 Joules/cm² (Level 1) — up to 15.31 Joules/cm2 (Level 8).

Ideal for home use: saves you expensive and time-consuming trips to laser hair removal cosmetic clinics! The revolutionary Pulsar handset incorporates the latest Intense Pulsed Light technology found in advanced commercial-grade hair removal machines at cosmetic clinics. Suitable for all parts of the body (including the face & bikini line).
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Quick Answer: As few as 3 successive sessions (once a week back-to-back) alone can start to show the hair thinning. Completely hair-free skin can be achieved in as few as 10 weeks (although this varies from person to person).

Detailed Answer: Even after one treatment, if you have not shaved fully (which is advisable prior to using the Pulsar) and some hair is still visible, you may notice wilting of hair and it may have a frazzled look. Successive uses, with maximum of once a week usage, will make the hair fall out between your third or fourth session (or earlier in some cases). However, for lasting results continued usage is recommended since the Pulsar's Intense Pulse Light technology targets melanin in the hair root follicle and thus requires usage over an extended period for results to be lasting.

The Pulsar uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology and use it to apply very gentle pulses of light to the hair root. Melanin in your skin helps targeted hairs absorb the light from these gentle pulses of light. This makes hairs on your skin go into resting phase which makes hairs fall out, and over time, your body stop growing hair in that area.

In just 4 treatments (once a week), you can observe a 92% reduction in hair growth. Allow 12 to 16 successive sessions to see lasting results.

Body hair colors treatable by the Pulsar:

EvenSkyn Pulsar Hair Types

Skin tones that can be used with the Pulsar:

EvenSkyn Pulsar Skin Tones

Simple Answer: The Pulsar's IPL technology allow treatment to be pain-free!

Detailed Answer: It is recommended that higher intensity settings be used for lighter skin types and lower skin settings be used for darker skin types, as explained in detail in the Pulsar User Manual. Therefore, when used with the right setting, the only sensation that a user might feel is slight warmth in the area that has just been flashed. Once an area has been flashed using the Pulsar, avoid flashing the same area repeatedly. 

Please note that since the pulsar uses IPL technology, as is the case with all IPL devices, it cannot be used on broken/irritate skin, areas that are infection, areas that have been burns, on moles or tattoos.

The Pulsar is a full-body device and can be used to all over your body. including your face, bikini line, legs & underarms.

Note: It is not recommended that the Pulsar not be used near the eyes since scattering of Intense Pulsed Light very close to the eyes can have adverse effects, and thus exercising caution is advisable.

Larger body areas are best treated with the device in the auto mode. The Pulsar's LCD screen will show you when you are in the mode by indicating "AUTO" on the screen. You can switch between the Auto and Manual mode simply by holding down the black button right below the LCD screen for around 2-3 seconds, or until you see the mode switch being registered on the device's screen. 
If used in the Auto mode, you may be able to fully treat both you legs fully in under 15 minutes. Just make sure to shave prior to using the product so you are able to smoothly glide it across your legs and allow for it to be fully flat against your skin for perfect light penetration into your hair roots.

The device has a sensor that allow it to only flash once it is perfectly flat against the skin. 

Manual Mode: Once you area over an area of skin that you want to treat, simply press the button adjacent to the device's LCD screen and it should flash once. Simply move over to the next untreated area immediately next to the area that you just flashed to continue treatment.

Auto Mode: If flat against skin, the device's sensor will detect that, and you simply need to glide the device across your skin and it will automatically flash. Make sure you are getting full coverage, i.e., not missing spots, thus moving very slowly and gently across your skin is recommended to get perfect, lasting results.

Yes, it is recommended and advisable to do so. 

Teen Fashion EvenSkyn is company founded on ethical principles that puts our customers' well-being (and that of our employees) , health and safety over all other ideal. As such, while the IPL technology in the Pulsar, by definition, is safe for home-use, we do not believe in taking chances with one's health and provide safety glasses with every device.

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Session 1-2

Begin treatment at an intensity level that you find comfortable. As early as your second session you may start to notice hair starting to fall out.


Session 3-4

By the third and fourth session you will likely notice the hair growth having come to a halt. Minimal growth may still be happening but the hair will progressively get thinner and take longer to grow.


Session 5-6

You should continue your treatments until you are completely hair free in the target areas. A complete 10 to 12 consecutive are recommended for lasting results.

From manual 

to auto

Auto mode is 3x faster than

manual mode. Wondering how 

much time does it take to do both 

legs? Only 15 minutes.

10 years of use

With 500,000 flashes Pulsar is designed 

to last at least 10 years of regular use. 

Luckily, it only takes 6 sessions to be 

completely hair free.

Hair removal & skin rejuvenation mode

Press and hold these two buttons 

together for 2 seconds to switch 

from hair removal to skin 

rejuvenation mode.


Pulsar vs other laser IPL devices: 3X Power

EvenSkyn® Pulsar (3X Power)
Up to 15.31 J/cm² (Level 8)
Other At-Home Laser/IPL Devices
Usually limited to 7 J/cm²
Commercial-grade Clinical Machines
Typically more than 20+ J/cm²

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