Teeth Whitening USB Charging High Frequency Vibration Tool

Teeth Whitening USB Charging High Frequency Vibration Tool

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Product Information:


 1.Intelligent high-frequency vibration

 2.Integrated design of the fuselage, more convenient

 3.5gear intensity adjustment, relaxation and comfort, comfortable and comfortable

 4.High quality medical grade alloy steel, easy removal of dental calculus, smoke stains, tea stains

 5. The battery is durable and practical



 1.Metal head of the tooth cleanser, not replaceable

2. Do not place products in direct sunlight, put at -10°-40° indoor environment

 3. Do not wash or soak the product for a long time

 4. Products are restricted to adults only. Please keep them properly after use, avoid children's contact, so that children will not be injured by mistake

 5. The product contains batteries, Do not place products in a fire or high temperature container to avoid fire or explosion

 6. In the case of product quality problem, please do not disassemble yourself, please return for repair. 


Usage method

The first use, will be recharged for more than 2 hours until completely discharged, reference to charging description.

Press the boot button to turn on, adjust the key position through the upper and lower adjustment buttons, and start cleaning the parts that need cleaning.

After cleaning the teeth, wash the metal head with flowing clean water, Clean the department to wipe the body of the tooth cleanser


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