Collection: Bottoms

Teen Fashion bottoms make you look amazing. Jeans are versatile and can be worn with skirts, dresses or just for casual wear. Our pants and skirts are made from a material that is breathable and easy to move in and out of. Pair skirts and skinny jeans with your tops for a cute outfit. Denim is great when you want to look relaxed and comfortable or try a pair of leggings.

We have many different styles of leggings, so you can find ones that are right for you. Our leggings are very soft and comfortable. Teen Fashion Store leggings are specially chosen to match your other Teen Fashion clothing.

All of our bottoms are available in many kinds of fits and styles, including tight fit and loose fit. Our jeans can be worn for formal occasions, and our skirts that do well at informal parties and events. You can easily pair our skirts with leggings for outfit ideas.